My hair did not become purple as I wanted it to.
It became darkreddish for some reason.

I am soo hungry right now.
I am trying to eat somewhat less and to move somewhat more,
because if I do that I might keep the shape I am in at the moment,
and be able to use all my clothes.
Instead of only the clothes that are too large now.

All day today I have played with a certain thing. its funny..
its a piece of green bendable string thing. I think its normally
used to tie up plants against sticks, to strengthen the plants.
Me and my string, we do everything together…  

I took a test last night. the English test at EF languages homepage
It is 70 questions, Vocabulary, grammar, listening and reading
comprehension. The result said that my English level was Advanced.
Last time I took it it was Lower intermediate.

I also just now did a test to see how good I am at  
seeing wether or not a smile is fake. I got 10/20 .. so I guess
I’m not too bad but not very good either…
that test can be found here:

Someone please give me inspiration..

Wee it sounds like its dinner soon…  
If it isn’t yet I guess I will just watch tv or something til it is…