I cant sleep…..

yesterday when I woke up, my mother wasnt home and she didnt answer her mobile when I called.. Today when I woke up she was in my room to take the vacuum cleaner, when I got downstairs she wasn’t home…

I cant sleep at nights… I think too much… not so much about love-problems and similar… but I think about my pony… (The person who owns the stable he is in is about to put her first horse to sleep. I think she has a lot on her mind too. But at least she has just one choice, Do it. The horse is too old, she isnt happy with her life, I think she thinks it’s boring. She’d like to go for walks etc… but her owner doesnt have time for such… ) I need to first of all call the family I hop will have him when I am in NZ, I know he is happy there… Then I need to think of what to do about him after… maybe it is wise to ride him into good shape and then sell him… And later when I am finished with my studies and such buy a new one.. Maybe an icelandic horse… I’d like that… But that means I have to sell him …. Hmm… He is Only for sale to the very right family… One that can cope with his moods and ”jokes” ….

I wish a solution to this could just fall down from the sky or something….