spooked out by a crab ?

In the night I cant remember dreaming anything special..

The alarm rang at 7:00.. I decided to get up at 9 instead. so I fell asleep again..
I had the strangest dream about me and two people in a cave, in some other country. The people were my friends, But right now I have no idea who they are or were, or will be….
I had a bad gut feeling already when we were at the stairs, to go down to the cave. When we entered it was a hallway, poorly lit, with many mirrors along one of the sides.. We looked into the first mirror and in that mirror we had different places and hairdo’s from what we really had. That really spooked my ’future’ friends out. I asked if they wanted to go on. while doing that someone saw a bat. they called it a vampire. I decided it wasnt, looked into that first mirror, saw things with her eyes and then I said ”net” and I had a net, then I captured the bat and trew it into one of the broken mirrors… My two ”friends” did want to go on. I said, Walk straight ahead and dont look into the mirrors…
then I woke up…

I decided to fall asleep again.
I had another dream. One of italy, Of a beach in italy… I was there with umm.. 4 people.. mainly italian friends….
They said it was ok to swim (they = someone at the beach) the waves started coming in again, so we had to move our things futher up, away from the water.. (what also needs to be told is that I dont like crabs because they pinch, and I dont like any other sea-creature that stings, burns or similar… ) Moving things went well, but when I was done all my friends were already in the water, they didnt have the solidarrity of waiting.. So I decided not to get in the water, I played with the sand, (quite)FAR from the water.. What i didnt see when I was building things was that in the hole from where I took the sand creatures started coming. many many creepy creatures… crabs and similar.. I didnt notice until I felt a stinging pain in my foot, and when sratching I felt something stining my finger.. I looked at it and snapped it away…
(A realistinc thing would be to start digging somewhere else.. but I am sure that I wouldnt want that.. not even in real life..) I went to lie down in the ”sun tanning chair” (You know, those who look like this:  ____   )
When I _sat_ in it. my neck felt as if I had a fish around it, that rattling they’d do…


Anyway I woke up due to that fish thing, realised the time was 08:12… I guess the first dream tried to scare me outta bed, but failed.. Since I am usually not very spooked by such things… I am surprised I didnt have that hunting – dream I usually have … maybe thats too long in length.. so I’d have overslept anyway….
What do you think?