I promised myself to updat my LJ 3 days ago but I havent had anything decent to write. Now isnt all that different.I made an inventory of my books by DWJ. www.dianawynnejones.com
These are the books I dont have byt would like to have:

    Harper collins:

  • Wilkins’ tooth
  • Eight days of Luke
  • Archers Goon
  • Howl’s moving castle
  • Hexwood
  • The homeward Bounders
  • Drowned Ammet
  • The spellcoats
  • The crown of Dalemark

Some other things that I dont have but do want:
– A working rayman computergame
– The ’Gobman’ game wih more than the 10 first levels
– A flatscreen wall tv (in august)
– A mini MP3 player / radio .. Good quality.

I have been thinking some.. but I havent reached any conclusions so I cant say what I have been thinking about really….
’Next drivingtest 17 dec… I havent driven for a week or so.. thats bad… on saturday I will go to some christmasmarket… and on sunday I might see the ”polar express” that new christmasmovie…

I must remember to go pick up those tickets today… and to wrap some gifts.. I have some people done… 2 important left tho.. I have no clue what so ever on what to get them…. really difficult…
I just noticed http://www/ leads to wanadoo…   nl …

Oh well.. I need to go find my brace.. have misplaced it — Again….