Am thinking about what to write. Something is appropriate. Anything would just be stupid.  I can inform those who I havent already told: I have located my main problem with English. Relative Clauses and Punctuation.
I am alive and kicking Max VS I am alive and kicking, Max
I can see that the first one could be misunderstood, but I myself would never misunderstand it.
Here’s a good page that explains Relative Clauses:

I wont be able to have internet for a couple of days… I will go to an island that seems to be without electricity. I will have to pack my bag.. I just wonder wether to take the big bag or not… I dont think so.. I will take the small one and try to pack wisely. ah, I have to see if my flashlight works..

I have gotten 3 gifts here, a mini-webcam (surprisingly good quality), a mini flashlight (works well) and a laptop lamp. its good for late nights and for when you do want to see the keys but dont want to be annoyed by the light. They were all given to me from the ”busguy” cause he got them for quite cheap… Very cheap.

Ehm, I thought of something worth mentioning but I forgot it… Ah.. I saw Finding Neverland with LustForLike and he made a decent comment about it in his LJ.

I really wish I had something interesting to write… But I dont…. I feel completely uninspired… Just look at the pictures please… and please tell me which one is your favourite…

I did take some pictures…

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Words meaning happy:
blessed, blest, blissful, blithe, can’t complain, captivated, cheerful, chipper, chirpy, content, contented, convivial, delighted, ecstatic, elated, exultant, flying high, gay, glad, gleeful, gratified, hopped up, intoxicated, jolly, joyful, joyous, jubilant, laughing, light, lively, looking good, merry, mirthful, overjoyed, peaceful, peppy, perky, playful, pleasant, pleased, satisfied, sparkling, sunny, thrilled, tickled, tickled pink, up, upbeat

Have a nice time yall..