Time Flies, even when you havent got much fun. This I have noticed here, the weeks just fly by, before I know it I will be on my way home again.

Things I gotta do tomorrow (tried to put them in order):

  • Print ticket
  • Eat Lunch
  • Get clothes laundried
  • Find Gift for Em
  • Get haircut
  • Eat Japaneese in a special place in a ‘panish’ alley
  • Pack things for Kapiti Coast
  • Go shopping….

I will Type about my great barrier trip when I can think of how to write without upsetting anyone…
I do have some pictures from there.. they can be found here: [[Pics from gbi]] . LFL gave me the weirdest idea.. I take strange pictures, I really like the macro function.. I think thats quite easy to tell … He suggested I’d do a photo essay on auckland … this for me sounded quite boring… I am sure it is too.. But it doesnt have to be. This one for example is quite funny: http://www.time.com/time/covers/1101041220/photoessay/  . http://www.time.com/time/europe/photoessays/weather/  is another …  Most of them are about war and things like that… I could easily make one about … Symonds street.. but I doubt anyone at all would be interested in that.Perhaps if I can make it interesting,… Ah.. these are more my kind of pictures: http://www.mobot.org/mobot/photoessays/photoessay.asp?fldrloc=venguayana&imgorder=0001 .

The fact is I should really go to sleep now and Worry about my Entrance Project More than Photo Essays.

Good night yall…