You scored 33.3% Logical or Sensible Love

Logical or Sensible love involves partners who see their relationship in a practical way and express their love in a commonsense manner. Led more by their heads than their hearts, they share interests and life goals. The upside: Every relationship needs common goals and commitments. The downside: In the long run, love is neither logical nor sensible.

You scored 33.3% Other-Directed or Thou-Focused Love

Other-Directed or a Thou-Focused love is a love that is centered on your partner’s happiness, your respect for him or her, and your ability to endure and overcome obstacles in a relationship. The upside: Every relationship needs respect. The downside: You don’t want to be a clingy lover or inspire someone to depend on you too much.

You scored 16.7% Friendship Love

Friendship love means that you put emphasis on friendship in a loving relationship and would probably find your lover to also be your closest friend. The upside: Every relationship needs good communication and moments of deep personal sharing. The downside: Even the best of friends have to keep the passion alive.

You scored 16.7% Romantic or Sensual Love

Romantic or Sensual love involves romance, passion and strong physical attraction. If you fall into this category, you are ruled more by your heart than your head. The upside: Every relationship needs a spark. The downside: When those red-hot flames die down, will you two have anything to talk about?

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