I feel like going to bed. and sleep foir a year.. and hope all has changed when I wake up. I was away for months and not much had changed… perhaps I shall run away to somewhere and only tell my father where I am… cause he’d for sure keep the secret… and wherever I will end up I will get friends cause I will be… me… but different… a different aspect of me… mmm… maybe not then….

Earlier today…. (talk I had with someone)

I was like: oh well when someone decided to turn their back on me….. for seemingly no reason at all.. ?
 let him be moody
 and now I shall try to forget that he did that and go to bed…..
OtherFriendPerson: wonder if u would get annoyed at me if i gave up on u 
well if you kinda walked away from me in the middle of conversation for no appearant reason; yes
its almost as if I said
“hi whatsup” and you quit cause you got offended
by me ommitting a space and a ‘ in “what’s up”
its so silly and stupid imo
if one is unhappy one should say it, not just .. go..
its just plain logic for me
quitting doesnt help
its like… hiding
its coward-.ish

Conclusion: From now on I shall determine all ‘quitters’ as lazy or cowards.

cause that is what they seem to have proven themselves to be, or I am just a very hoirrible person…
tho I know that that is not true. I can be quite a pleasant person.. and interesting… tho I am average usually.
Now I shall sleep and not give this matter more thought til tomorrow morning, then perhaps I shall remove this post if I have a change of opinion later. Most likely will have by then….  I am not really this fussy about these things. like. the act from that person didng bother me… but the act itself does. does that make sense? ….