LFL tagged me, so I have to list five idiosyncracies.
Let’s see what I can come up with…

1. If I haven’t been able to get to sleep by the time my pillow is heated by my head, I have to flip the pillow around to the cold side… and this will keep going until I fall asleep.

2. I am almost completely unable to approach a person in order to start a conversation. This even applies when I have something I want to say or need to ask, although it’s not quite as bad then.

3. I turn light switches on and off with my feet, and open doors that way too, depending on what sort of handle it has and on how much stuff I have in my hands.

4. I walk on the toes of my feet when barefoot, but not when wearing shoes of any sort.

5. I really dislike being looked at, or examined….

I wont tag anyone, cause I am nice 😛

Since I didnt manage to come up with any out of the blue I read other peoples lists and “stole” the things I do too..