Antonym of belated?

Topic refers to me having planned to write tomorrow morning instead of now.

Once again I forgot most of the things I needed to write about, I remember two tho:
– busyness
– drunk lady

things I have to do the following weeks:
20 Finish reading one schoolbook, start on another + clean my room. Analyze an image for 22nd.
21 talk to my doctor (nothing serious) Start on huge informatics project (very serious)
22 take the computer to the store to get it ”fixed”. meeting with group to coordinate the image analysis.
23 ~13:00 meeting with a personal trainer to see if that helps my motivation somewhat (dads b-day too)
24 Dentist… Mixed feelings about that. Read second book Much.
25 school 10-15 (presentation of the work done the 22nd)

28 optician, see if I can get week lenses…
29 Work on the informatics project
30 1 Read Book 3
2 14-17 School Read book 2

5 mediaanalysis class all day
6 7 8 Read book 3
9 mediaanalysis all day
10 Plan what to pack and bring for thailand.
11 Pack most of what I need to bring. + study english wordfamilies.
12 read book 3 + informatics project
13 Classes and feedback hour. (informatics)
14 Go to Lund (before and during = English grammar)
15 CPE (Certificate of Proficiency in English) I always think the C is for Cambridge. (go home, hopefully)
16 (go home if I didnt catch a train day before) Miss or go to mediaanalysis class where I find out my individual exam ”to do’s”
17 Go to Copenhagen by train. read book 3 and bring book 1 and 2.
18 arrive in bkk int. airport.
20 Very important presentation which I will miss.

The drunk lady:
its like 5 to 11 pm. My parents are usually in bed by that time. This night they were up to maybe 22:30. So today wasnt an exception.
a mobile number calls and I pick up. ”hi its susanna” (or rather ”hej det är susanna”) … She first thought I was my mother, then Johanna, then me… ”oh so you’re the daughter of yvonne” (she had said agneta before that so I let that one pass) … She wanted to know the website to the images from parents apartment in thailand. her name was… marianne I think… Not sure. I know her whereabouts tho so I am sure mother can identify her when I remember to tell her about the thing. Anyway this lady calls and asks for the website so I give it to her, and she finds it and she hinks it looks real nice. She sounded really interested. In her drunk mood she had as good as already bought the place… So I have to tellmother to have tact and not be too pushy cause they will probably come around.