I wonder who still reads this..

I know my mother do occasionaly, and probably most people on my friendslist…
and perhaps a bunch of secret admirers … haha..

I ordered 3 books on the internet. Friday a week ago. Now 2 of them are sent, but as the weekend’s coming I doubt I wil recieve them any time soon.

They’re essential. I have 200 things to do now it feels like.I need to get a moveon with the hauffe site, Its fun but I am so uninspired. Outside its just raining…. raining… grey… boring…

But I shall not complain, unil now it has been a wonderful fall. hmmm I’ll put in some images for you all to see how lovely it has been 😀

More things I would like to have done before I die is have had a family.
Even tho the family mightnt be the happiest in the world I think the mere fact that there is a family and that the familymembers are more or less healthy is amazing.  

I have looked into gallop sports and there is some in sweden, I wont have time to go see a race in sweden before I leave for thailand but mother says there is a racetrack in bangkok and Maaaybe we can go there .. . .  It would be so cool to see what I have been reading about. Hmmm.. Black Beauty was a gallop horse too… Tho I think icelandic horses are much more fashinating. . .

I signed up for CPE the 15th of december, I’ll pay the fee shortly.
If anyone has advice on what I may need to revise, please tell me.

I didnt wake up until 1:30pm today… bad bad bad! … I need to fix my bodycklock to or I’ll never be able to do what I want…
Tomorrow I will get up early. Earlier anyway, Maybe I can flirt with mother to make her wake me up before she leaves the house. I need to fix it somehow.

haha, I just realized some people will now have birthdates like : 06-06-06 .. Funny 

Live well and have a nice day ^_-