Today I was a little naughty, I didnt go to the gym like I should have.
The reason was/is Very sore mucles.
I would have swum instead if I could, but I cant.

Also now I must remember to take a pill every day.
between 9 and 10 pm Every day.
I wonder how that will be possible. I’ll just have the alarm on my phone set for every day of the week and hopefully I’ll remember why. I would rather take them in the morning but as I have to start today that is impossible.

Otherwise I havent done much today. I asked the teacher if the pedagogy-groupthing was very important. It wasnt important at all and the grade will be based on the Exam and nothing else. Good presentation Might weigh up a pending grade. Nothing more. I will take part in the groupthing, of course. But I will not put all my effort in it as it isnt very important. The informatics is more important and timeconsuming.

Very interesting website: (flashplayer 8 req.)

I am browsing ski resorts (to update my goal) is one place I found in italy. Ski school is only 25:- more expensive a day there Compared to on a swedish ski resort. Tho I need to generate money and stop spending it for this to be even likely to happen. So I am to go on ONE more spending spree in this town, then shop in bkk and as soon as its new year my Compulsory-spending is over!
once I have paid and furnished my house I will Start saving for real. Perhaps I shall have one “travel” account where I put 50:- every time I go to the gym? Nahhh That would be going a bit too far. Then there is the ski and boot hire and the accomodation to be considered…

The alternative to a skitrip is a trip to iceland. 15 337 :- for an 8 day horsefilled trip. Included:
– 8 days tour, 7 days on horseback, up to 6 hours per day
– max. 12 participants
– Experienced english-speaking guide
– 7 nights accommodation, either in summerhouses for two to four people with toilet, shower, sitting room and fridge or in 3 double rooms with shared toilet, shower and sitting room in the farmhouse. Blankets, covers and towels provided.
– Full board: breakfast, packed lunch, warm evening meal (vegetarian meals are available)
– Transfer from and to Reykjavík
– Waterproof overcoats, helmets, saddles and bridles
I dont think I will decide on what to do until early august but I like thinking about it.. It makes me happy..
Maybe no ski-place is open in august anyway? In february I will know When I can leave, perhaps it wont be til January anyway, if so I might just go Skiing anyway.

Link for me to remember:

hehe, I have been typing on this entry since 6pm … I’ll just post it now…