The thing is, my neck hurts.
The Chiropractor fixes my ”bones” so that they are as they should be, but then I think that because I am so tense they snap back after just a few days , this conclusion agrees with what the acupuncture-person said. He said that I was extremely stiff on one side of the neck and this caused head- , neck- and backace. Which is what I have been having a lot of lately.
So my conclusion is that if I go to the chiro to make it right and then go to the acupuncturist the next day and perhaps a few days later to make it last it will be all good.

Thats what I think but nothing says it is true.

I took gary to the christmasmarket at Wapnö, he seemed to like it, and he even found something to give me I think because he went back to get it the day after.
I still havent sorted his gift. The one thing I really wanted to do cost 10 times the allowed spending. So I guess I shall give up on that one too.
Not 10 000:- but half at least. I’m not going to say what it was cause maybe it happens anyway, perhaps not for christmas but for birthday or something.
I have a ”curfew” of 1000:- spending. Thats not gonna get me anywhere, but at least I can get a whole lot of smaller things….
I have no curfew for birthday yet so maybe I’ll get it before he gives me one,… heheh..

NCIS is on in 19 minutes.. and now it seems to be food time.