>Fajsty and gary walked to the city to meet me, but I wasnt there until later, I had gotten the time wrong.
When I came home and wee met up I gave F a bath with a new Peachy shampoo and I have never seen so much dirt come off him (and yet I showered him quite recently with the old shampoo – 1/1) . So I think I have bought some miracle shampoo.

As I said I have some video of puppy, our messed up show and his funny behaviour coming up.

Tomorrow I will sort that out. I will also try to take some good photos to put on the website to show off.

Contacted a lady about private and group doggy-training, I am not sure she got my e-mail so I will send it again. If she doesnt reply then I must have said something bad (it happens a lot).

The last few days have been rainy and miserable, hence no photos or updates. I am telling myself that tomorrow will be better. It might not be, but right now I pretend it will be. (Fact is, it wont be for at least 2 weeks).

Tomorrow or the next day YouTube Links will be here!