Not the video I had in mind…
(it is on youtube too… upside down.)


But it will do.. Fajsty on the beach!

Today we are going to get our first private lesson. Me and F. We’re gonna see if we can learn to stop jumping onto people and be a little bit quicker to come back when being called.
If there’s time we will also train how to walk nicely beside me.

The idea I have is to say ”här” (here) and then he’ll walk near until releasing command; ”varsågod” (you’re welcome.. ) .
Another thing we need to practice (but probably wont practice today) is not to bolt towards other people or dogs. And this is important as some people actually get scared.

I think its almost time for his claws to be cut again today, or maybe it’s next week. I will have to check up on that.

I did the website for the dogtrainer (before I met her) because I thought her one was to crappy…….. But she was happy for it.. It will probably end up on ronjashundgora.se or .com … can never remember.. Both exist but only one is updated.
At the moment its on www.annasuss.com/ronja/ but not for too long I think.