>11 days…

>11 days since last post..

Thats a long time, I have been quite busy with school so I’m afraid there hasn’t been too much doggie-training going on.

We had a class in vallås last Sunday and he behaved slightly schizo, sometimes completely nutty and sometimes an angel.

The angelic moments:
I said Fot, and he walked by my side even though all he really wanted was to run around … He walked there until I said Varsågod.

We were practicing Stay, I had him lie down, said wait (which is my word for stay) and then rushed off myself. And he stayed. I am sure that if I had rushed behind something he’d come too… but its progress none the less.

I haven’t even had time to brush him as often as I would have liked. the goal is a short one every day and a longer one every 3rd or so.

I am thinking about calling a dog hotel and have him stay there for a couple of days, both for him to get used to it and for me to get my life and studies sorted a bit.
But it costs from 150:- per night… for more than one night it is 100:- per night, so for example 3 days will be 300:- But they say they do not take puppies, so I guess that particular one is out…

I have to think some more about that….
Just spent an hour browsing them….

Long doggiewalk planned at 13:00.. May send a picture from there if I get a good one.