>A lot

>It’s been a while since a decent post because I have been really busy….

So here’s what happened:

  • Sunday = perfect dog after 11:00,
  • Monday = Nutty,
  • Tusday = more nutty in the morning, excellent in the afternoon,
  • Today= So far so good. well behaved, listens to commands and follow them.

Homework 3
Indecisive leader
Have the dog with you without command, walk 2-3 steps forward, 2-3 to the side, 2-3 backwards and keep doing that in a random order. If the dog follows, click and praise. Also vary the speed, snailpace, running, normal, slowly etc…
If doggie has trouble keeping up, just take one or two steps forward, click and praise (if it follows).

Sit and stay with ”Here” every 3rd time

Say sit and stay, walk 1 meter away, every 3rd time: say ”here” (Hit)and click as soon as the dogs moving towards you and reward when it has arrived, the other times you just walk back and praise when you have arrived back.

Walk with the dog normally, say ”stop” and break softly with the lead if needed. When the dog is standing still with all 4 legs, count to 3 and then click/praise Repeat..

Walk nicely/Heel
Train this on your daily walks, but not always on the same place! Vary amount of steps before reward and never go so far that the dog makes a mistake, then you’ve gone too fast forwards. Click/Praise as long as the dog goes on the right spot by your side.

Okay… when I first read that I thought, we’ll never be able to do all that in one week. But the ”heel” (Fot) command works quite well, in any situation I have tried so far (not too many) I can say Fot and he joins up by my side looking expectant. It’s pretty cool..
He doesn’t stay there for too long unless I talk alot with him, but thats a good exercise for me too.

Next class will be focused on fetching. Must remember to bring something fetchable…

Thing that happened yesterday was that he ran off on a wild crow chase on the beach…. Normally he chases them for a few minutes and then comes back to me, but that time he didn’t give a crap about me, was too busy chasing birds,.. he ran so far he was only a dot on the horizon. Then I was happy I was alone at the beach so nobody else could see it…..
I caught up with him after some running, and when he needed to pee I called him. he came trotting as if nothing was wrong. We walked straight to the car and home and into the shower after that.

The stupid rows didn’t help though, he’d chase one up and it’d move like 4 meters so he could chase it again. Normal birds fly away!

Next time we go (in a long time I think) he’ll be on the rope and I’ll have good gloves on (so the rope doesn’t burn my hands) . .