>Work Work Work … and Study.

>Thank god for good neighbours.

I got work 3 days in a row and with about 8 hours prior notice my neighbours happily agreed to take the care of doggie during the days.

Today it is only from 9 but I have to leave a bit early to do some errands, but the work means 3000 kr extra in pay which means I can buy the agility-tunnel at hööks for me and doggie.

The homework from last weeks training was to note all the dogs calming signals. Well I havent been home that much (because when I am done at work I go straight to school). But I have noticed at one point before the evening walk he licked himself like nothing else (round the mouth) and yawned like 10 times in 5 minutes. So I think he showed the whole weeks signals in that evening.

Sometimes when Gary wants to play or cuddle and Fajsty isnt really up to it he turns away, I’m not sure if its a calming signal or not.

I just found out that Marjoram (Mejram) has calming effects.
Didn’t know that before.

Time to go to work.

Have a nice day everybody, just a reminder, you know anybody can comment now, and all the images are clickable!