>Long time no blog

>When life constantly comes to bite you in the ass then you don’t have much time to blog…

The passed few days have been school only so my father has had the dog for quite some time. But last night we went out on a walk over the field, I let him off because there wasn’t anybody in sight.

We had walked about 3/4 of the way when he spotted a hedgehog-ball. He didn’t get close enough to sniff it, so when he approached I said ”no!”, then he ran around like a mad man, circled the hedgehog, then made another circle in a different direction and by that time I had passed it and he didn’t go back to check on it. I think the hedgehog appreciated that.

It’s the first time I have seen a hedgehog make itself into a ball, live. I have always known they could though. Normally when we pass them they sort of look at us and keep walking, I think its the fact that Fajsty approached it with such speed that made it scared.

And on a completely different note, me and dad thought/talked about our old dog,
Busan (bad photo, but the only one we have online):

She was a Bordercollie, Golden Retriever and Flatcoated Retriever mix (I’m sure there was something else in her too but I don’t remember it) We talked about mental Stimulation and that she never got any. But Earlier today I thought about her too, and I thought that with the right means she could probably learn anything, only I wasn’t interested in going to any classes, and by the time I was interested she was too old anyway.
Not too old to do stuff but she was getting blind and deaf and was ”stuck” in the habits that had been created the passed 10 years or so. She was a personality but compared to Feisty she seems less special.

I don’t think I’ll ever forget how she was around Margot (the little white dog that Feisty is terrorizing too) .. Whenever Margot was around Busan looked like a teenager in love, High Tail, Happy face etc.

This doesn’t Really belong in the feisty blog I guess, but I wanted to write it anyway… RIP.

In 12 days its time for another weekend in Öland, class website is coming up on www.iu08.net

We’re not even sure what we are supposed to have done until then, I hope they sort it out soon..

Time for bed says Fajsty.. I think its a good idea too…