Cocker cavalier mix. Charming.

On a different note i just had an incident. . When i went out to go the evening walk i saw a huge german shepherd in the agility area. It was pretty stressed out but then it pooped so i thought all was under control. Turned out it was not because when i came back they were two trying to catch it. So i thought i’ll put Fajsty by the fence so they could grab the other dog. . But somehow it slipped out and then it ran around the agility fence, maybe 8 laps before it saw Fajsty. When it did it came up to us and they said their doggie hellos and the owner caught up with him and grabbed him. I wish they are on the class on saturday. Doubt it though. . I think i could actually help them. Maybe they are there again tomorrow. . Time to sleep now. Having a class again tomorrow. . Busy week.