Decided to start blogging again after reading ( and seeing that it is indeed possible to, instead of writing monster entries, write a few per day. Or just a short one. Because you really do write for yourself, not so much for others.

I sold a painting. How cool is that.
That made me start to want to paint again..

For ya’ll potential readers out there who missed it in the Fajsty blog, I have an acuaintance now: .

Today I’m gonna do a good deed. A halmstadbased internetfriend has the pukingdisease (kräksjukan) and cant really go out or anything… so I said I’ll bring her things to drink… Ramlösa and blueberry soup was all she wanted so I’ll bring her that around 12… Put it outside the door, I dont want to get sick!

Before that I’m gonna go doggiewalking and go to the chiropractor to try to sort something out with the payments they say I havent done…