Today I have been browsing Swedish blogs and … I’m kind of sad because they are all so much better than me, both at making it look pretty and at writing..

see for example:,

… But I guess they blog to get ”found” or something….

Their posts are rather ”contentless” compared to and … Even though the latter wouldn’t hurt with some design or colours, the content is normally colourful enough to brighten the whole page.

What’s this hype about blogging anyway? I don’t get it. I get the people who write because they need/want to, or travel journals to friends and family. But I don’t get why its important to comment on as many blogs as possible and get ranked as high as possible….
But then again I am not very competitive at heart. I rather just sit back and relax.

And for you few new Swedish readers, the reason I write in English:
* I don’t care much for Swedish
* I like English
* I have a few friends who have been reading here from the start who might get a bit confused if I started typing in Swedish all of a sudden…

As you can see it’s well passed 2 am.. I watched HighSchool Musical 1 and 2 .. then it was late already..

Tomorrow afternoon I’m going to Falkenberg to take photos of chihuahuas for a website I have put on hold.. Once the pictures are done I will be able to send that bill….

Now I am gonna go to sleep… Closed all the dangerous blogwindows….
I could easily destroy a whole day just hoppin from blog to blog…

But I would end up with a big headache ^^