I got home around 7 or so, given the dog food and checked on the laundry… and then I was just gonna read a few blogs…
I think at one point I had 15 tabs open….
and now it’s 9:40.


Until these hours this day has been insane though.

Was, as you know, up way too late last night.
Dog threw up something weird I couldn’t be bothered looking into at 5 am.
Woke up at 9:50 because the phone rang.
Sleepily I answered the phone and agreed to come get her as soon as I had had breakfast and walked the dog.

Halfway around the dogwalk Gary reminded me that I was supposed to meet him at Eurostop at 11.
Better hurry I thought and went to my apartment. There I noticed I had locked the keys inside.

Not usually a problem because the neighbour has keys and the neighbour is usually home. Not today.

So the other potentially accessible set of keys are in the old house, so I ran there with doggie (3 min run, 10 min walk), but there I noticed the doors were locked and the keypad to open the big door with was broken so then I panicked. But I saw the basement door was open so I snuck in and grabbed my key and ran back home, opened my door and met Gary at 11:01… Well done..

Then at 11:30 I was off to grandmother and we did her errands and I earned 200:-
Will get me food for the month!

After that I went home and did 3 loads of laundry then I had to go to Falkenberg to take photos.
I made sure the camera was charged before I left. Turned out it wasn’t very charged at all. Crap.
It was nice to meet new people and be a little social.
She was so much nicer in person than on MSN. That was a very pleasant surprise.
There was also an adorable dog there, that I wouldn’t mind owning if I had had the time and motivation.  
Timid but not scared. Eager to please and learn. Cute. Fluffy.

But I have my Fajsty… He’s all the canine I need…

After that I went home and did the rest of the laundry and then I ended up here……. reading blogs….

I found this:

it lists everyone who blogs (on blogspot/blogger) from Halmstad.
Very addictive.