Still working on my dog trainer site, and thinking of how to do the fliers…

I need a logo, though.

Preferably one that doesn’t say Halmstad and has a positive Aura. I want to convey positivity.

Today started with waking up late, no surprises there.
At 12 I got an sms from someone asking if we could go for a walk around 12.
I wondered who it could be but said; sure why not.

I looked up the number and it turned out to be the girl I shopped for when she was ill.

I met her at Frennarp and we walked a decent walk. So decent Fajsty was fast asleep until 17:00.

Then I had a pretty lazy day.

BUT I found a person on facebook that I was… sort of friends with in New Zealand..
She’s currently in Malaysia, not too far from Thailand…

So I am contemplating a visit….
we’ll see what happens…