Not soo happy.

I’m still generally happy but one particular subject or event is bothering me quite a lot right now ….

My instructor, M, and my ’friend’ H, both know what my project is for the doggietrainereducation. It is to write or, find out how to best write, a tricks training book. This they know. They also know that I have an insane amount of tricks ”in stock”. A whole database even.

I read in H’s blog that she and M are loosely planning a tricks-class (or activation class) to be held together.

this made me sad because they had not said/mentioned anything. And H rather looks online for tricks than ask me for a few.

I wouldn’t have minded sharing all my info /it is A LOT/ if they had only asked. 

Now though I’m not so sure…

Marie doesn’t answer my e-mails or calls or call me back. I don’t know why this is, what I have or haven’t done to make it happen.