3 ideas

The first idea is a site for Tricks training. The content is Partly user submitted and partly produced by me and a few others.
For example there can be a description on how to teach a trick and then users can upload videos when they master the trick, or of the process of learning the trick
(to see/send video you need to be a member and pay maybe?)
but to read you dont need to pay .. and there will be advertising income too
thats the first idea

the second idea is a game for children that promotes positive methods
an asp site like a community where children can create a profile, choose a dog/breed that they want and do some small flashgames with this dog.
They can have several dogs if they want (different breeds have different behaviours)
and they will learn to reflect upon their own behaviour and how they can change what the dog is doing
and how they can promote good behaviour in the best way

The last idea is also a game
Similar setup but this is for adults training to become dogtrainers.
Harder questions and different types of games.
Here will the teacher of each class have access to all the pupils results to see.