10 minutes

I have 10 minutes to kill before I am going to walk the dog, and after that I’m going to try to find something for him to chew on when I leave.

I have arranged someone to walk him at 13:30 so he should be alright until Gary finishes work. Ann has offered her services for the rest of the week, so I hope they get used. She’s free until Friday.

I left a pretty long note describing the cats feeding routine.. But it can pretty much be summed up to: ”1/4 can of wet food morning and evening, always dry kibble. Don’t let the dog get it.”

Catfood messes up the dogs stomach, and also if he gets in the wardrobe-room the urge to eat catpoop and rummage the sandbox might get too big..

Ok.. 10 minutes are up.

See yall in 2 weeks…