Next post will contain a photo.

Havent updated for a while.

Fajsty has a new friend, a little Jack Russel by the name of Muffin/s/ but we call her Muff. She has limitless energy and can play with a bone on her own for an hour. She wakes her family up at 5-6 AM because then its time for the morning walk.

She gets at least 2 big walks a day, not too much mental exercises but she doesnt seem to be too bright so best to start slowly.

We have walked one eveningwalk and one morningwalk togeter, both 90 minutes long. Fajsty was exhausted after the long morningwalk, he’s not used to that…

Have a new cat, a black one. Can post pics of him too.
He needs to eat alot. He’s very thin and slightly dehydrated so it’s important he drinks. . .