>In response to a comment and update…


To you, ”Anonymous” who posted: ”good way to kill the life out of a dog….”:

Nah, I can assure you that he will still have plenty of life left in him. Just a little bit less bark and not be so frightening to small children.

I do not wish to remove his spark. And I seriously doubt I will.

He will just not have so very far to the calm state. Now it can take up to 45 minutes for him to calm down enough to Chill out. My goal is to make that 5 minutes.

He can play and be crazy, when I say he can, not only when he wants to be.

Soo update on today:
My dad had him today and said he was perfect, just a bit barky. and that is what I plan to remove with this regime.
Fajsty is a bit ”Dazed” when mummy (me) is not around. The good thing is that he didnt pull in the lead so much with dad, which means my training of that the past few months must have had some effect.

When this ”calm” regime is over I think I will induce a ”no pulling” regime if it doesnt occur as a byproduct of the ”calm” regime.

What I want is a dog I can bike or rollerblade with anywhere without the lead, go to the beach with, without worrying that he will run off and scare some poor sod or chase an innocent dog for hours. Go to picknicks with him and have him loose lurking nearby while we eat, not having to worry that he will chase anyone who tries to come near.
This I will achieve, not so much with the tasks I do but by spending more efficient time with him and bonding more. Also by being clearer on whats OK and what’s not.

This is something I will have to work hard on, given my aspie-traits.
It will take time, but I will do it.

Consistency is king