>… my dog is smart.

as planned I practiced with Ann today and I got to practice ”not barking at strange things” as well as ”be calm before greeting someone”.

We have two busstops nearby and I had told Ann to meet me on the lawn behind one of them (well, there is only one with a lawn behind it). As me and F were on the lawn, Ann walked passed and she had a hat on so he didnt recognize her so he barked. all I had to say was ”Hrrrm Mister” and he was: ”What do you mean, I have done nothing but walked next to you like this” with twinkles in his eyes. Soo lots of praise and I walked up to and passed the busstop. I let him sniff a bit and then walked passed it (and Ann) again. Then he was calm and attentive so I released him to greet.

Then we put it up a notch, I asked her to talk to him (she misinterpreted and called him – another step up the ladder of difficulty) but he stayed with me, quite attentive. Good dog!