>I havent followed my schedule to the dot. Partly because of illness, rain and lazyness.

BUT we have made major improvements in our teamwork. We can now go past other dogs and focus is on me, if it is not all needed is a point in the right direction and we’re back on track.

I had a feeling that if that went well, everything else would go well alongside it.
And it’s pretty much true. I’ve become clearer with my intentions so he’s got it easier to please.. and he is eager to please, although chasing rabbits is still more fun than getting snacks from me…

We had him loose around galberget 3km, 80% he was brilliant. Attentive and near… then he saw a rabbit or something and shot off…

I dont know what brought him back, my saying ”Fajsty Spaniel, get back here” or the fact that the rabbit disappeared. He did come back and give me puppy-eyes.
I’m annoyed I could not stop him but I’m happy he came back.

There are still a few issues to be resolved, but I think we are ready for walks in the city now. Or at least the outskirts of the city as we can pass all the dogs on kärleken now without many problems. yay.

Today has been miserable weather, I really hope its better tomorrow. Last time we were there it was wonderful weather, so I have high hopes.

Think of us tomorrow at 13:00 hrs and pray we show her what we’re made off, and I am not too shy…..