>We tried having Muffin over here and it worked fine for quite some time, sure he told her ”its MY paper” but I removed all toys and other things on the floor and then he let her sit on a pillow.
Then everything was quiet for some time and we worked at out computers until there was a fit of barking which Fajsty started.

We think she sniffed his other bed. . .

Then I picked him up and muffin tried to bite his tail and we eventually got them calm.

I released my monster and he went to M and Muffin, wagging his tail low, sorta saying sorry, looking very calm..

Then Muffin moved and he started lounging at her again.
Completely out of the blue it seemed.

The only thing that creates ”out of the blue” behaviour is pain.

Maybe I will not use the money I get from grandmother for my trips but to see if anything actually is wrong with Mr Fajst.

His behaviour does look like the behaviour of Siws dog, ’Gissa’, and she has (documented) pains that makes her need to lash out sometimes.  They come from a long lasting borrelia infection. Perhaps F has something similar, that is only present sometimes?
I have squeezed him everywhere and nowhere seems to hurt, but I dont know how to check every joint or muscle like a vet does. . .

I cant have a dog who intermittently goes nuts for no apparant reason. I want to be able to have other dogs over.

I will ask Siw which vet she thinks I should go to.
The thing is I doubt the insurance will cover it since its such an abstract problem.

We’ll see though..