>A lot has happened since the last update.

The show went well in terms of what they wrote about Fajsty, but he didn’t really behave very well. Also we had a very unstrategic placing of the rest of the family, so he rushed that way and didnt want to walk the other way…

Also we have been to the veterinary station in Helsingborg. I went there because of his moodswings.. And because Siw said that if anything is wrong with him, this particular veterinarian will find it.

She did find pain in his left hip-joint.
His right one is A, and the left one is C or even worse…
Though this shouldnt be very bad, it COULD be what’s causing the pain.

To be sure, we also did a blood test to check for tic-borne diseases.

If that comes back negative (will hear on monday probably) we will try pain killers for 10 days and see if his behaviour changes to the better. But the thing is since he has moodswings generally it will probably be hard to see a difference, for example:

Yesterday we were in the city, walking through the city with all the people and strange dogs etc and he didnt bark at a single one, nor on the evening walk in Furet.

Today on the other hand he has barked at a man and two different dogs…

But we will see!