>Update on…

>… Training
We did train a lot before the Rally-competition and it seems it paid off, we got a good (well, decent) score even though it was raining constantly and was very windy.

We have started training scent discrimination. It went ok when we trained by ourselves in a basement here, but then when we train at home it just wont click.

We also started training some hunter style training, stop on the sound of a whistle and ”fetch”. To actually fetch is no problem, but holding it until I say let go is a big problem. He can take it in the correct place, but sometimes he drops it immediately, and sometimes he just wants it for himself. We have a bit to work on there….

The veterinary called and said his values of mite-allergies were 3000 normal value is 150… So he’s most likely allergic to mites, these buggers are everywhere. First I threw out his old bed, bought a new one which he hasnt really accepted yet. It’s cool so I’m sure I’ll get it sold if he never does accept it.

When we move I will throw away the other soft bed too and introduce a BIA-bed (soft and made of plastic/leather that is easy to wipe off and wont generate cloth-mites.

Another step is to call the vet and ask what she thinks of BRAVO-food. Its minced meat with additives that has much less mites than dry foods. And then give him marrow-bones as toothbrushes. And also brush his teeth every day. (hard foods=better teeth).

I have cut away all the fur on the belly to be able to see and treat the itches caused by the allergy.
I also got a real dog-trimmer from my father that works really well. Fajsty hates it of course, but it works better than the other one so I can keep track of his ears and front hair, make sure it doesnt get too long.