Done and to do…

– Refresh CV’s
– Check for laundry time
– Call vet and see if they have a time to cut Happycat’s balls off 
– Photoshop and upload pictures to the blog
– Buy better cat-sand (perfumed)
– Look into getting a space to host a lecture
– Watch the last CSI episode
– Try to give Happycat a bath… or at least a wipe-off. Siren when wet…
– 5.4 km doggiewalks
– Check, see what’s new
– Apply for new jobs found
– Write personal letter to Länsstyrelsen

Still to do
– Call länsstyrelsen and see if I’m fit for their job. Tomorrow.
– Go to the vet with Happy Cat  09:30. General heath control too. Swollen abdomin?
– Find de-worming pills for Happycat
– Make sure all my company-papers are in order and in the same place
– Grandmother
– Call Madeleine Neidert and see if she has anything for me
– Take pictures of Happycat