New year

New year, new opportunities, right?

Today starts a new regime that will last throughout the year, mainly for my teeth sake.
IOS, or NUS, Inget Onödigt Socker or No Unnecessary Sugar.
It means that the Wednesday afternoon chocolates are out, but a celebratory dinner with dessert is OK after getting a job.

There are also a few things I will try to do better compared to last year, and different.

Eat more vegetables is one.

Walk longer doggiewalks is another.
I use to draw the walks I make to see how far we go and have gone.
The minimum per day is 6 km. Updating the firmware on my mobile to see if they install a step counter. All new Sony Ericsson mobiles come with a step counter.

I will do one thing for my company every day.
(small or big, doesn’t matter).

There is a job I hope to get, and another job I could get, if I put my mind to it.
So this is what I will do. Expires in 20 days so I have some time to write a killer application…

What else… not much going on…
Long walks.. Snowy weather…

I like the date 2010-01-01