I am waiting for the my hair to become coloured. 
Neglecting my horse one more day. 
I keep telling myself and my mother that
it is because of the wind I don’t want to go to
stable, but that isn’t true.
I do want to go to stable, no matter how the weather is.
Its my mother who doesnt seem to want to go,
I am not sure if that is true tho. Once I get my drivers license
I can go there by myself, alone.
Not always do I feel like riding. Even less when the wind is
like it is now. It is quite useless going to stable without riding,
now when he has new shoes and all.

He needs a shower…
(So do I in about 10 minutes… )
He is filthy, its not possible to brush him clean,
its too cold to shower all of him, and he
needs the grease that is natural in the fur,
but its possible to shower the mane and
the tail without him getting too wet and cold.

I also need to change water to my fish..
That only takes 45-50 minutes..
its soo boring it feels like 3 hours tho.
 The satisfaction to see the water a tad more clear makes it worth it..

The colour I have in my hair is purple.
I wonder what it will look like…
I hope it will look good… I think it will…

Ok now I need to go..
I’ll put a pic of my pony and me
with the new colour when I have them.