Entry number two.
(dont worry, I wont count them from now on)

The New Zealand flight is already paid and booked,
but before going there in january I will need to:

  • Pass my Drivers licence test
  • See to that my pony has somewhere to be when I am away
  • (if things work out) Go to see someone I really care about
  • Go to Mallorca to celebrate that I passed my driving test
  • Go to Manchester to check out the school I will apply to.
  • Celebrate Christmas
  • Learn to draw proper faces

Thats about it… For now..

About that edication, I spoke to someone at the International
Department there and he said that I have not
got enough education in design to apply.
I will have to attend a ”foundation course year” first,
either combined with english, or only design..
That depends on what grade I will get on my cambridge test.
He said something about
Grade C .. Advanced English.. Grade 0 or above...
Which I did not quite understand..
seems I will have to look into that later..
Try to find out what he meant…

Now I will go to bed… to sleep…