My first entry

How come things never turn out the way they should?
Do they turn out the way they are meant to?
Does it even matter?

I dont think it does. What happens happen.
Even if it isnt for the best, it happened and there is nothing
I or anyone else can to to make it ’unhappen’.

I will go to New Zealand in January.. and
I am already thinking about what to do, where to go..
I will go visit lustforlike for sure. Hopefully he will teach
me stuff and take me to see a movie, or a few…
I will also make an effort to make friends with other people,
and to not spend so much time in front on the computer…
I cant stand the computer for very long,
but I need the friends I talk to trough it..
Difficult situation…

Today was my friends birthday..
His day didnt start out very good..
This was because all his friends argued with eachother a
nd he felt like he was in the middle of it all.
I hope it gets better tonight and that everone I know
will be happy from now on.

I like happy.
Hugs make me happy.
Winning without cheating makes me happy.
Chatting with odd and fun people makes me happy.
What makes you happy?

Is this enough for a first entry?