I havent typed here for a while, maybe mainly because I have not had anything to type.
And I have been busy working on a site for a whole week. I took some days off from it after that week but today I will deal with it again..
I and the person I am doing the site for are very different, we come from totally different backgrounds but anyway we can agree on many things, and also we can connect on some deeper level, below all those long fancy words he uses…

I have decided, my pony will be where he is for now, when I get home we will train and he will get good and then I will sell him as dressage-pony .. yeah. thats what I will do.. I will not ride him before then, he’ll probably loose all muscles and I will have to start over… but thats ok. maybe it will even be good for us to get a new start… I hope so…

I put off my drawing a while too.. I will start again soon… maybe even tonight…

*To externalize and attribute (an emotion or motive, for example) unconsciously to someone or something else in order to avoid anxiety.
*To attribute or assign (something in one’s own mind or a personal characteristic) to a person, group, or object the patient projected hostility onto the therapist project intransitive senses
That is easy to do online… projecting ones own feelings onto someone else, or seeing just what you’d like (or not like) in the words of the one you talk to. In real life and in phoneconversations misunderstandings are fewer because of motions or different intonations. ’Smilies’ are supposed to be of help, but can of course also be misleading.

I think too much, I think I will just finish the frontpage of the site I am working on… yeah..