a Mallorcan memory….

Okay, this entry could be deemed as more proper.
Since it is alligned to right and since it will be normal in every other way too?
Ehm, whats normal anyway? Nevermind…

In my last entry I wrote that I would share something. Something that happened on Mallorca. It was in April this year. I was quite sad, because I felt very left out and very alone. I didnt do much about it, regarding to classmates and stuff. But I tied to seek contact with the ”natives”. One who worked in the hotel and one who worked in the internet café across the street. Most people found him odd or awkward, they only saw the dandruff on his shirt and judged by that. I saw beyond. And for that I was regarded a freak. I am not sure about this, but it wouldnt surprise me if it was true.
He got fired from this internetcafé… and that made me feel even worse and lonelier…
The day before he got fired I waited for his ”shift” to end. I sat outside the hotel… carefully watching everything that happened on the other side of the street… Some bartender from the hotel came… and he talked to me..  I was polite and talked to him.. He wasnt very nice, and he was quite old… but he was someone. then.  He was better than noone. We didnt talk very much that day.. but when My friend had been fired, I sat outside of the hotel because I was sad. Very sad. that same bartender came again… I told him I was sad. He asked me if I wanted to go with him to somewhere… I said ’Okay’ he said tomorrow… ’Okay’ I said again… I didnt really want to. but hey, it was better than sitting outside being lonely…. Next night came and he asked me to get into his car. I said NO! . No way I was getting in some creepy guys car. He could take me anywhere then… He didnt speak english either so I really had to think to be able to communicate… In spanish then of course.. But he gave in to my demand and we walked to somewhere.. To where the other people usually bought their ciggarettes when they run out at where they hung out. I was all the time scared that someone would see us… He keept coming on to me in the most nasty way. I told him if he kept on doing that I would leave. thankfully he stopped when he realized I was serious. He wanted to take another, less lit, way home. I didnt at all want that, who knows what could happen in a dark alley? I agreed, he said it was so I didnt have to pass my ”friends” again… We walked back. all was good, but he gave me quite a scare. The next day I got a free hotchocolate.
A similar thing happened in thailand. But that guy almost locked me in alone with him… at 3 am when everyone was alseep.
Lucky thing Magalluf (mallorca) doesnt sleep until its light outside 😉

I also have a very good memory from mallorca. I will write that next time…