Interests …

I just read a list of one persons interests..
that got me thinking… Which are my interests?
What is an interest? How would you define an interest?

(according to

A state of curiosity or concern about or attention to something:
an interest in sports.
Something, such as a quality, subject, or activity, that evokes this mental state:
counts the theater among his interests.

To arouse the curiosity or hold the attention of:
Your opinions interest me.

I also might, just might. get a job.
To make
into a flashier easier and nicer (doesn’t exist yet)

[Here comes some text that is completely out of the subject.. I had to type it]
I have been thinking…
I have been thiking about what makes the world go round and stuff.
Tourism seem to ruin places.
Just look at Mallorca. (Majorca)
And Thailand. Tourism island Koh Lanta.
I was thinking that I trust thais less than I trust for example muslims,
because they dont act like the thais do. But I realized that this
doesnt apply to all thais, nor all muslims.
Dont think that I believe muslims to be less from thailand and hence not thai.
I did not mean it that way. Just to make that clear.
In Mallorca there are some people that think that
only because you’re alone and female you’re an easy prey.
Maybe this is true for some people.
But for gods sake it shouldnt be the general opinion.
I doubt it is, even if I make it sound like as if it was.

I will share a story I haven’t told anyone, in detail, ever before. but that will be later.
When I have listed my interests…

Here goes…

  • My Friends
  • Horses
  • Riding
  • Drawing
  • Webdesign
  • Taking pictures
  • Chatting (irl and online)
  • ”SuperMario-like” games.
  • Graphic and interior design
  • Playing online games (pool)
  • … tell me if you think of something….

These, I think, are my main interests…