Essay for EF language… last part of the test..

(oh this will be interesting..)

My First Day in Kiwiland.

It started when I came out from the arrivals hall in the Airport. There I spent approximately 45 minutes looking for the EF driver, who spent the same time looking for me. I contemplated a better place for meeting would be at the merry-go-round because it’s easy to spot and there are few people around it. Finally I saw her just as she called EF ”headquarters” again, I said ”Hi, I think it’s me you’re looking for.” She asked: ”Susanne” , I corrected her and said: ”Susanna”.

She drove me to Aiphai street 28 where a lady named Euni Leech and two other EF students lived. There I found the girl very nice, and the lady somewhat odd but ok.. I went in to my room because I was really hungry but I didnt feel like eating what was in that kitchen. And Euni kept misunderstanding me and demanding answers faster than I could think of them. She went in to my room at least three times to tell me to unpack my things, which I didnt at all feel like doing.
Due to my hunger I decided to take a walk to see if there was a supermarket nearby. I told both the german or swiss girl and Euni that I would go out. I gave Euni the number to my mobile, to call in case she needed to. She said: ”Ok, thank you, but I don’t think I will need it” That reply made me believe that she heard what I said about going out too. Sooner I learned she had not heard it.

While walking when I got out of her street onto a larger one I dialed the number to my friend who lives close to Pakuranga. I just wanted to talk, tell him to cheer me up like he usually does. Though it was not he who answered but his father. He’s a decent guy too so I talked to him, told him here I was and he found it on a map. I walked back to the house to give him the phone number so he could give it to my friend Logan. When I entrerred the house again Euni had perhaps been worried, but she yelled at me and threatened with ”what will the school think if I loose you” and varous other sentences along those lines. I didn’t want to hear it and I didnt think it was fair because I did tell her and she seemed like she had understood. I went to my room, she came in there and told me again to unpack, which I still didn’t want to do. the reason for this wasn’t that I was being rude or disrespecting her, I wanted to first look around, then plan my wardrobe.
Logans father heard the way she spoke to me, and shen she closed the door I started crying, unstoppable almost. This might have been due to many things, the overreaction might have been due to exhaustion. Logans father told me that he’d come pick me up in 20 minutes. He said it would be crazy if I stayed with that lady. After I hung up with him my uncle called. Since it was 4:30 am at home I wondered why he was up, he said he was just looking after me. Unusual. While I talked to him Euni came in to my room again. Wanted to have some info for the school she said. For me to bring on monday. I asked what day it was and she said friday, I wondered why we had to do that just then and not Sunday afternoon or something like that, so I could get settled first. Then she said ”Don’t you talk to me like that” That made me really sad, I didnt talk in any special way, just like I always do.
((cries a bit while typing))
then My friend arrived, Logans Sister. By then Euni was really angry or confused. She told Laura to stay out of this and she called the school. She said The school would never let me go there because of many reasons, more reasons than I can remember. She called the school and I talked to my friend Stephen and all worked out well. I gout my bags and me out of that house and I lived happily ever after.

Note: this wasnt a day, this was approx 4 hours. I didint type all either due to shortage of time.
Have a nice day whoever reads this.