Like I said I would I will update my LJ more frequently. I said I would take pictures and stuff, but really here arent many things to take pictures of. the odd beutiful flower or cool building. but really thats not interesting. I would like to go somewhere. Like the hot springs or some cave or to visit someone in the south. Cause Auckland has little to offer me. at least when it comes to good pictures. Some views are decent but its all the same, not different from italy or thailand. there’s nothing ”special” here.

my scedule is very strange …

Mond: 13:45 – 18:10
Tues: 08:45 – 15:20
wedn: 13:45 – 18:10
Thur: 08:45 – 13:15
Frid: 10:20 – 15:05

Odd times I must say….

The school director .. at least I think he is..(aka My friend stephen in the entry below) Promised my mother to look after me.. and so he does… Quite well too… yeah.

I am atm 90 minutes busride from decent internet.. so I guess my entries will be few but long… or something…

3 words or phrases that kiwis say a lot: Sweet as, Cool and …. seems I have forgotten the third one… Strange…

If I find a acer retailor (?) somewhere near I think I can get my wirelessLan problem sorted… thgen I can be online from school… yeah..

that’d be all for today,..