quick lunches….

quick lunches….
arent good for much…

here the lunch breaks are at most 40 minutes long.. that is if you skip
5 minutes in the end of the last class before lunch, and 5 minutes
in the beginning of the fist class after lunch.
It takes around 5-10 minutes to walk to a restaurant/fast food .. 3 minutes to order … 9-13 to get the food depending on how much people there are already. then depending on what food it is you either have to hurry to eat it or just try to press it all down at once.. and then go back to school that takes 9-15 minutes (uphill on the way back mainly)… so. the walking part will at least take 14 minutes, ordering makes that 23 minutes and that renders you with 7 minutes to eat.

I rather accept the headache I get from not eating.

I walk slowly too due to short legs and laziness so that time is larger when it comes to me… Whoever decided 30 minutes was OK lunchtime should rethink in my opinion… I know I’m not alone in thinking this… since I am very hungry now.. but start in 15 minutes.. I just have time to buy a bag of chips.. and eat an apricot…