late one

today was an .. sort of eventful day..
Not much happened in the morning because of my lack of sleep. I could not sleep for severlal hours and then in the morning once I had woken up I couldnt go back to sleep.

we didnt do much during the day… we went to senegallia and met eleonora (the girl that stayed in my house too when gloria was there for the first time) so thats something..

then we went to have a pizza at Bowling charlies.. or whatever the place is called… Gianluca arrived in time for us to play DanceDance Revolution (arcade style) I won.. but they werent bad .., =)

then in the evening they wondered if I wanted to go with them (g&g) to see their friends in the beer festival (oktoberfest in august) .. one of their friends (gl-s bet friend since 6-7years) was a very very fresh breeze… according o the rest he group he has many girlfriends…Accoding to himself he’s single. he looked 10 years younger than he was… acted so too.

another person I met said her boyfriend had been in sweden for 3 months in °Asa .. A city near gothenburgh,,… I knew where it was because Lisbeth, my former teacher and friend, lives there…. But I didnt tell her this I only told her I knew where it was..

Later the boyfriend came to talk to me and he mentioned Lisbeth, I exclaimed that I knew her and that without her lovely self I would not be in italy… He wanted her e-mail address so I gave it to him As I remember it… I told him I may be wrong about something in it– but I dont think so…

I just needed to type all this down so I would not forget….

Tomorrow there’s lasagna for lunch… I hoppe I can have it for dinner if I dont wake up in time for lunch….

We .. erm.. I promised Ivan (the fresh breze) that I would come to the fiesta del birra tomorrow too…. He and the guy who knew Lisbeth and that guys girlfriend all spoke decent english,…