to keep you posted

am downloading adaware at 1kbps so I decided to type some while at it, I should really read my book but its boring….I think a moskito has bit my hand, either that or I have accidentally touched some plant.. Lots of things has happened since I wrote here regularly … Hmm download complete.. I guess internet sped up… no, it just decided not to download all of it. Odd.. I will try again and if it doesnt work I will go to bed..

main news in my life:
I went to italy again… Italy is nice when its not thunder.. =) … I experienced the worst thunder I can remember just a few days ago in cattolica… it was not raining rain, it was raining lightning.,..

I tried getting on msn from this puter but it was impossible…

I promised myself that the next time I come here I will speak better italian so I can communicate with the nice people here…. They tell me things and I try very hard to understand but I dont and I sort of feel bad for it….

domenica .. heh.. thats a name.. but its also “sunday” in italian… =) I shouldnt be surprised that my teacher hasnt replied to the e-mail I sent him since I sent it friday night…. But I have slept so much lately it feels like it would be wednesday already…

21% downloaded.. 22.. progress… its 2kbps this time… maybe it will reach 100% before giving up?

I promised hauffe I would get going with his site and finish it as much as possible when I get home from here, Also I have to finish some school stuff, and travel with the italians.. and get introduced to my new class… its not easy to know what to prioritize.. Not at all..

I want to:
* Finish the 1024*756 of the hauffepage…
* Go with the italians to stockholm and Liseberg (gothenburgh)
* attend at least one of the new class gatherings…
* Do well on the Multimedia 2 summercourse
* Make sure my friend buys a cat.

I guess this is the order I should attend to it too…
Hauffe generates money which is spent in stockholm and then I gan socialize and then I can have my test knowing that I am finished with 75% of the hauffesite 😉
the 800*600 site will be easily adopted to whatever I decide for the larger one =) so thats less of a challenge…

Ooo 53%!

for some reason I like to sit on the floor… Maybe its because I am so short?

Another piece of news: I am redoing my site and implementing a special guest… If I havent told you about him, dont worry.. I havent told many ppl at all… but now I do =) through this gesture of mine… The design is far from finished… it is a .. Demo that is out now.. Or so I would call it..

I am actiually typing this from the floor in my friends room.. she has wireless keyboard with very good.. connection.. I wish my wireless network had the equivalent..

70% …

I am missing the other side of the world… realizing that it may take years before I can go back makes me sort of sad… (why this is the case is a too long story) ..

90% … 2 minutes..

I just thought all of you who still check back here deserved an update… °hugs° all willing,,, *kicks* all unwilling 😉 muahahahaa ….

Ok. Basta…