Girls can be so mean. There was a bunch of kids (~14ish)on the bus… or maybe one was 14 and one was 16… or 13-15 I know the mean one was 2 yr older than the nicer one..
They were talking to each other (2 more so 4 altogether) about this girl they knew that was in a wheelchair… Smallish for her age… and then they laughed out loud and exclaimed how they used to laugh _at_ her in her presence…. Mainly the older girl said this but the others laughed and agreed—

Then they talked abt ppl they laugh at and short ppl. The older girl (who was really cute too) said that in her school there were 2 short boys who were fat too. She said They resemble meatballs (not jokingly but in a very matter-of-fact way) So ’they’ (she and her other friends I assume) laughed at them all the time too. She said this completely heartless.