>Doggie Homework 1 and 2


– Teach your dog what the clicker signal means.

10 minimalistic pieces of candy
Click = Candy in the mouth.
How often:
2 times (with 10 candy) for 3 days.
Day 4:
Click when the dog isn’t watching, if he looks up and or comes, give a candy and you’re finished teaching him what the clicker means.

– Sit and Stay with disturbances
Sit the dog down, tell it to stay, then for example say hej, elvisp, oopsidaisies, tie your shoes, drop the candybag, drop the clicker etc. praise the dog a lot verbally when staying sitting in the more difficult situations.

– Stop when walking
Walk with the dog on the lead, stop yourself and softly break with the lead at the same time as you say stop. Click/Reward when the dog is standing completely still.

– Walk nicely
.. Well we have been trying this one before with various results…
Have your dog on the left side without command then say preferred command (heel, walk nicely, walk here) Only once and take a few steps forward, the slightest movement from the dog showing it is walking with you on your left side, rewards with click and candy.
If everything goes well wait with the reward until the dog has taken 2-3 steps in your desired direction with kept contact with you.

Important is to only make it more difficult once the dog masters the less difficult task completely.