>First class of group Training

>We walked down to the city, because it wasn’t so far and we were awake in good time (F woke me up 17 minutes past 9, 13 minutes before my alarm would go off. I somehow thought I was late so I shot up and got ready in a flash.

Trainer felt sorry for us for walking so she drove us home.
I told her though that we walked because we wanted to, not because we had to.

(click the link to see a picture resembling the dog in question)

Only five (perhaps six) people in the class. I’d say F-dog is second best at what we did today. There is one black furball (Saga) who barks insanely for periods, and then is quiet for (thankfully) longer periods. Sometimes it could walk really nicely next to a dog and other times it couldn’t be near anybody before it started… Interesting but probably annoying when one has a headache.

Then there is a Rhodesian Ridgeback (Billy) who is a puppy like Fajsty and has about the same traits only F seem to listen to a few commands a little bit better. I think its one of the biggest dogs Fajsty has ever met. (he’s seen Great Danes but never really said hi to them).

There is a ”dvärgschnauzer” (dont know what that is in english) called Siri who is the one that is slightly better than Fajsty at most of the things we did today.

Also a Danish Swedish Farmdog, I think its name was Laban but I’m not sure. It looks sort of like the dog on the picture but it has only white feet and tail, most of the dog is brown.

So all in all its a good bunch, all female owners, mostly male dogs (well, 3 of 5)…

We trained things like Sit wait, Come here, lie and wait, walk nicely and some more things I cant remember. F was Really excellent in all but go here (there were too many interesting sticks around) I think he was getting very tired by then too.